GRP Electrical Cabinets

GRP Electrical Cabinets GRP Electrical Cabinets

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Walk in GRP Electrical Enclosures

Walk in GRP Electrical Enclosures Walk in GRP Electrical Enclosures

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Large Bespoke Electrical Enclosures

Large Bespoke Electrical Enclosures Large Bespoke Electrical Enclosures

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GRP Enclosure

Whilst most people are oblivious to them, a GRP Enclosure is actually common sight to those in the know, they can be found in all shapes and sizes in every town and City throughout the UK. They may be in the form of a small GRP Electrical Enclosure or a much larger GRP Switchgear Enclosure, their colour selected to blend in with the immediate surroundings, protecting sensitive equipment that powers our homes and Industry alike. Grey in an Urban area, Green in the Countryside, possibly Brick or Wood Effect in areas where planning dictates, they are all out there in some form or another.

The demand for GRP Enclosures continues to grow throughout a number of Industries, Electrical, Petro Chemical and Solar to name a few. The versatility at Design Stage allows the Customer to dictate exactly what he needs, the days of making do with what’s available are way gone, Companies such as Adept GRP now tailor the product to meet the Customers demand, resulting in a Bespoke GRP Enclosure being produced which is specific for its intended use. Whilst our Standard Range GRP Enclosures offer a speedy solution, Bespoke Enclosures are increasingly common, Adept GRP offer assistance from initial enquiry to the point of Delivery, and beyond. Adepts two Company Directors alone have in excess of 50 years’ Experience in the Industry, its workforce are also time served GRP Laminators capable of producing the very highest Quality GRP Enclosures using the very best materials available.

If you find yourself needing an Industrial GRP Enclosure or simply need some advice or guidance, just visit our website at and Contact Us, we’ll always be happy to help.

GRP Enclosures

GRP Enclosures are a cost effective and speedy solution when looking to protect Electrical Equipment from the inclement British Weather. Our GRP Enclosures and GRP Cabinets come with Single/Double lockable Doors and a Backboard as standard. We have an impressive Standard Range of Electrical Enclosures which normally satisfy the needs of our Customers, these are normally available from Stock and can be Delivered to your requested location within a day or two. Manufactured from GRP with no unsightly troublesome joints or seams, they offer protection and longevity at a competitive price.

Adept GRP can also help should the need for a Bespoke GRP Enclosure arise, apart from our Standard Electrical Enclosures, we are able to Manufacture GRP Protective Housings to a specified size, these can be almost any size and can be Designed with Features to suit your specific needs. We always provide detailed AutoCAD Drawings prior to commencing Manufacture, this to ensure that what we produce, and Deliver, fits your precise requirement.

Adept GRP prides itself in offering a full and friendly service throughout, if you find yourself needing a GRP Enclosure and have questions you need answering just Contact Us and we will do our utmost to guide you through the options available. We operate to an Approved Quality System which is verified by External Audits on a regular basis, thus ensuring that the GRP Enclosures we supply are of a consistent high Quality using the very best materials available.

GRP Enclosures